The MILF Phenomenon!

The Confusing Evolutionary Science of the Popularity of M.I.L.Fs!

What is going on guys?  According to EVOLUTIONARY SCIENCE, when it comes to sexual attraction men are supposed to be all about the fertile young babes (like me). 

So why are MILFs even a thing?!

A huge meta-analysis of all the major search engine data found that while YOUTH was the number one worldwide most popular sexual search, MILF was close by at number 3. 

Lisa Ann (Photo © Glenn Francis )

MOM is the single most commonly searched entry on PornHub, the r/milf subreddit has over 150k subscribers, which is more than double the readers of the r/hugeboobs subreddit.  Currently on the AVN Top Sales and rentals list 'Hot Milf Handjobs 4' (which sounds really boring to me... how did they manage to make 4?) is ranked at number 6.

The whole evolutionary explanation of human sexuality is built on gender differences in sexual selection.  Mate choice is part of the evolutionary process of sexual selection, and basically refers to selecting a mate based on the attractiveness of their possessed traits.

The number one most important thing for men seeking females is supposedly the female’s reproductive potential.  Youth is a BIG indicator of a woman's reproductive potential, as ladies eggs are limited and the ability to conceive and carry a baby successful to full term does decline with age.

“MOM is the single most commonly searched entry on PornHub”
Deauxma  (Photo © Mutter Erde  )

Deauxma (Photo © Mutter Erde)

From an evolutionary perspective, MILFs are completely pointless, because if you can’t get it pregnant why would you even bother fucking it right?  Of course we know this isn’t accurate, MOST of the sex we are doing is not for reproductive purposes.  In fact we are mostly trying to avoid the baby outcome.

But anyway, these evolved mate preferences are supposed to be unconscious processes and shouldn’t really be too drastically altered by conscious desires to not make a baby. 

A big famous study by David Buss looked at sex differences in human mate preference across 37 different cultures (including African, Asian, Eastern and Western European, North and South American, and Oceanic)!

“If you can’t get it pregnant why would you even bother fucking it?”

Nina Hartley (photo © Michael Dorausch)

If a pattern of results is consistently replicated cross culturally it indicates an underlying evolutionary mechanism.  Buss found cues signalling reproductive capacity were far more valued by males than females.  In all 37 cultures the men preferred females who were younger than themselves (approx. by 2.66 years), where as the women preferred older men.


Why are MILFs #1?

There are a few explanations spinning around in my brain… firstly perhaps the attraction is in the power dynamic?  Usually the sexual roles presumed are dominant male and submissive female.  Perhaps the age difference between an older woman and younger man shifts this dynamic in a sexy sexy way.

Or maybe it’s just a case of experience?  Maybe younger men like the idea of a woman who is more sexually experienced and confident than them?  And maybe an older woman likes the idea of showing a younger man the ropes?

OR is it just the physical appearance of an older lady?  Perhaps there is a sexiness to those pretty face crinkles?  Or maybe it's super hot that she managed to squeeze babies out of that thing?  I just don’t know.  But I can certainly imagine being a mature woman myself, and preferring a younger man to my saggy-balled old husband, so I hope I'm a MILF when I grow up.

Or wait guys, is this a Freudian thing?  Have you just always wanted to fuck your own mum?  I don’t think this is the answer but what do I know. 

OR finally is it just a case of short term vs. long term sexual preference?  Are boys only in to MILF porn, or the idea of a sexual encounter with a sexy older lady?  But wouldn’t consider a MILF girlfriend or wife? 

Julia Ann (Photo © Glenn Francis)

Regardless of reasoning, my conclusion is that the popularity of MILFs is awesome.  Mature women can certainly be hot as hell, and should not be pushed aside as un-fuckable just because of their age.  It is also fantastic that women in the adult entertainment industry can get a big career boom at a later age, an opportunity that didn’t really exist before the MILF category in porn. 

But I’m still SERIOUSLY curious as to the powerful allure of the MILF!  What is it about them that lead men to over ride the evolutionarily evolved attraction to youthfulness?


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