2D:4D - Gay Hands

The 2D:4D Effect is the interesting finding that the length ratio between the second (index) and fourth (ring) fingers is associated with various aspects of human sexuality, in particular, sexual orientation.  

  • Straight women and gay men have on average a greater length ratio 
  • Lesbians have on average a lower ratio than straight women
  • A sexual preference for more masculine men is associated with a greater length ratio, in both straight women and gay men
  • Lesbians with a higher digit ratio are more likely to be femme and less likely to be butch
  • A lower ratio is also associated with longer dicks

The digit ratio is thought to be influenced by prenatal exposure to androgens, with a lower ratio being related to higher exposure.

What do your hands say about your sexuality?  Is it accurate?

Posted on March 12, 2015 .