Klüver-Bucy Syndrome: The syndrome that can make you want to blow an old man.

Klüver-Bucy Syndrome is a very rare neurological disorder that can present with the symptom of hypersexuality, characterised by a complete inability to control ones sexual urges.  Other symptoms include; amnesia, hyperorality (the compulsion to put inappropriate things in the mouth), hyperphagia (excessive eating/appetite), and visual agnosia (not being able to recognise and identify visually presented objects).

The syndrome arises as a result of bilateral lesions of the temporal lobe (brain damage), most commonly as a consequence of the herpes simplex encephalitis (a viral infection) or temporal lobectomy (surgical removal of a portion of the brain).

Klüver-Bucy Syndrome can manifest at varying degrees of severity, with symptoms differing between individuals.   Complete cases with all symptoms present are extremely rare, so only 3 symptoms are needed for a diagnosis.

Documented Cases of particular interest (to me):

 1.    The 14 year old girl who kept trying to seduce her Dad

This 14 year old schoolgirl developed the syndrome after being in a coma caused by encephalitis.  She was described as ‘intelligent’ and ‘social’ with a ‘good academic record’ before the coma.  When she came out of the coma she began exhibiting some interesting new behaviours.  She would randomly start undressing, and ‘manipulating her genitals’ in front of others and made sexual advances toward her father.  It was probably really awkward in that hospital room.

2.    The women who sucked off an old man in a hospital waiting room

An epileptic woman who underwent a left-temporal lobectomy procedure developed Klüver-Bucy symptoms after the unsuccessful surgery.  She masturbated in public and pestered family member, and neighbours for sex.  On one occasion she was left in a hospital waiting area for half an hour, so she killed time by performing fellatio on an elderly cardiac patient.

3.    The man who kept having a seizure, having a 10 min nap, then raping his wife

This 39-year-old man suffered from seizures during the middle of the night.  After a seizure he would fall back to sleep for ten minutes, then wake up and rape his wife.

4.    The man who invited his 12 year old daughter for a threesome with his wife

I have no further details on this case, but I think this is enough.

5.    The other man who suddenly loved child porn and tried to bang his prepubescent stepdaughter

A 40-year-old man with a right-orbitofrontal tumour developed Klüver-Bucy syndrome as a result and began a new interest in child pornography.  He also kept feeling up nurses and stuff during a neurological exam.  Most disturbingly he made sexual advances to his prepubescent stepdaughter. 

After his tumour was removed the behaviours and affinity for child porn vanished.  He was allowed to return home, as he was no longer considered a threat to his stepdaughter.

However, his tumour regrew and the hypersexuality and paedophilic tendencies returned.

SO they removed the tumour again and the symptoms disappeared again.   Hopefully THAT is the end of that story.