I think about condoms all the time. I really do. It is now 2017 and condoms, when used correctly, are still our best defence against two terrible things: sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy.

But even though they are clearly one of the most significant human inventions of all time, they are cursed with the worst reputation. NO ONE thinks they are cool. 

They're considered mood killers and sensation dampeners and punishment for when you forget to take the pill. While they should be respected, celebrated and elevated. 

Besides the bad rep, I think low condom use is a result of people underestimating their risk of STI exposure. If you're sexually active you are at risk of contracting an STI. It's that simple. Even within a monogamous relationship, there is the risk of your partner being unfaithful or of one of you being in possession of a dormant virus that is patiently waiting to strike. Most importantly, it's estimated that the majority of people who have an STIs, do not know that they have it. So you can ask people about their sexual health and get a totally honest but completely incorrect response. At the end of the day, if you are having sex with multiple partners, condoms are required in order to keep everyone safe.

But to be fair, the condom industry has been pretty stagnant which doesn't really inspire consumers. Since its introduction in the 1850s the most significant development has been the addition of ribs and dots, and I think if ribs and dots actually provided any additional pleasure we would see them on dildos by now. 

Condom design, materials, and technology is long overdue an update and common critiques of condoms should be addressed if we want to encourage better use. Because of this, I was super excited when one of my favourite sex toy companies announced that they had been developing a condom. LELO is a big player in the sex toy industry, and have won many awards for their amazing quality, great looking, and very effective sex toys of all kinds. LELO products always deliver PLEASURE with power and style, so in my eyes were the ideal company to take on the task of reimagining the condom.

LELO launched HEX last year, and I attended the release party where I learned about the science and thinking behind the new condom. HEX is different from regular condoms in its basic structure. It’s formed by a hexagonal web filled with ultra-thin latex panels that is designed to reduce the chance of slippage and breakage, whilst not reducing pleasure. In typical LELO style HEX has already won a bunch of design awards.


I handed out some HEX condoms to volunteer reviewers to try and get an honest verdict on the product. Here's what they had to say:

Ratings out of 5 for: PACKAGING | FIT | SENSATION

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Final averaged verdicts:

Packaging = 4.8/5
Fit = 3.9/5
Sensation = 4.3/5


I think a 4.3/5 is an outstanding score for a condom, and given the almost entirely positive feedback I would implore people to try HEX. If you're in the US, HEX is now available at your Wal-mart, CVS and Target. And if you're in the UK or elsewhere you can purchase HEX online.

My advice for people who are yet to have a positive experience with condoms is to continue trying different brands and styles. No two dicks are the same, and as such what works for one may not work for the other. I'm confident there is a condom out there for everyone. 

All Images: LELO

Posted on May 25, 2017 and filed under CONDOMS.