More Emojis More Sex

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A new two-part study was published in the journal PLoS ONE last week that explored how the use of emojis relates to romantic and sexual opportunities. The research found frequent emoji use to be significantly associated with a more successful dating life.

People who reported using more emojis when conversing with potential dates also reported more first dates, more seconds dates, more sex partners, and more frequent sex.

The first study analysed data from a fairly large fairly diverse set of over 5000 single Americans. Participants were asked about emoji and emoticon use with potential partners, including how often they used them, why they used them, and how their use led to dates and sexual encounters.

The researchers found that those who used emojis/emoticons had been on more first dates and enjoyed more frequent sexual activity over the last year than those who did not. Participants who regularly used emojis/emoticons in talking to potential dates mostly reported doing so because they provided a richer version of self-expression than using strictly text.

The second study was a replication and more in-depth version of the first study, using a smaller sample of just 275 single Americans. This time researchers asked how many first dates over the past year had led to second dates, how many sexual partners they had had over the past year, and how frequently they had been fucking over the past year.

This time around frequency of emoji use was not significantly associated with the amount of first dates a person went on. BUT (and perhaps more importantly) it was found that those who used emojis more often reported a higher amount of second dates, more frequent sexual activity and a greater number of sex partners over the past year.

The studies authors suggest that the reason for this association is most likely due to emojis being a good way to digitally communicate affect and emotion, which in turn provides important signals and cues that people can use to assess potential partners.

In todays world where a growing number of people are seeking romantic and sexual partners in online spaces, the ability to effectively express and interpret emotions can be limited. Emojis allow people to communicate important information more effectively, facilitating more successful romantic and sexual opportunities.

Of course, as with all correlational studies, causation cannot be determined. It may just be that people who are more attractive happen to use more emojis. Or perhaps, people who use more emojis may simply already be better at communicating and forming connections with others.

Also neither of the studies assessed the use of specific emojis, so we have no idea if some emojis are more effective than others. For example, is it facial expression emojis that are best used to communicate with potential dates, or is it the more sexually suggestive emojis that lead to success? I would love to see some in-depth analysis on this please.

TLDR. If you wanna get laid more, try using more emojis.

Read the full journal article here.