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C is for Cuckold

In evolutionary biology a cuckold is a male who is unknowingly raising offspring that are not genetically related to him, i.e.  their wife fucked another guy behind their back and got pregnant and then pretended it was theirs all along.

In human sexuality a cuckold is a male who is complicit in their partners sexual 'infidelity' or perceived infidelity,  i.e. cuckoldry is a fetish whereby a man enjoys watching his partner fuck other dudes.

The partner of a cuckold is generally referred to as a 'hot wife'.

The female version of a cuckold is a cuckquean. 

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C is for Coital Cephalalgia (sex headache)

Coital Cephalalgia is a rare type of headache that is associated with sexual activity.  Sufferers report a dull head pain that increases in intensity alongside sexual excitement, and reaches full strength at orgasm. 

The head pain lasts any where between one minute and a couple of days.  So those who suffer may choose to try medications, or just avoid sex all together.  

Despite the old "not tonight honey, I have a headache" joke, men are more prone to suffer from coital cephalagia than women.


PS. If you don't suffer from Coital Cephalagia and one day during sex you get a very sudden and severe headache, you should go to the hospital because you might have a brain haemorrhage. 

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C is for Carpopedal Spasm

Involuntary spasmodic contractions of the hands and feet known as carpopedal spasms and are observed in hyperventilation, calcium deprivation, and


(or just before orgasm)

Leading up to orgasm and actual orgasm involves a ton of involuntary muscle contractions, carpopedal spasms are just one type that may occur.  Next time you witness an orgasm have a look at the feet, you might see the big toe held straight, the other toes bent, and the foot arched, this is a typical carpopedal spasm.

C is for CAT (Coital Alignment Technique)

The Coital Alignment Technique is a modification of the nice traditional missionary position.  The technique is designed to combat the lack of clitoral stimulation reached in mish.

Less than 15% of women can achieve orgasm from straight up penis in vagina boning.  If you don’t believe this low percentage it’s because you’re a boy and you’ve been lied to. 

Clitoral stimulation is key to most women achieving orgasm, and CAT is a good way to get there.  The technique even has clinical support, including one study published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, which reported a 56% increase in women's orgasm frequency when using CAT.

The gist of it is, the mans pubic bone should come in to contact with the clitoris, so that while he's pumping, the clit is constantly being stimulated.

It's pretty simple, but here is a lovely instructional video if you need it.


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C is for C-Light

A C-Light is the name of the special spotlight used in porn production for shooting close ups of the vaginas.    

It is rumoured to stand for 'cunt-light' but I have no confirmed source...

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A Cockpipe from

A Cockpipe from

Cockpipe is quite literally a cock ring with a pipe on it.

You get a nice smoking pipe embedded in a silicone sleeve that you put your dick in.

No more getting bored whilst sucking dick.  Now you can grab a lighter and put it wayyyyy too close to a penis to entertain yourself.

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