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E is for Epoophoron

The epoophoron, if I'm honest, has little to nothing to do with human sexuality.  But it has the word poop in it's name, and if you think I'm going to discover a word with poop in and then keep it to myself, you're an idiot.

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E is for Erotic Plasticity

The term erotic plasticity describes the degree to which a persons sexuality and sexual desire can be influenced by situational, social, and cultural factors.

It is thought that women have higher erotic plasticity than men, meaning that female sexuality is more flexible and responsive to external influence. 

E is for Ephebophile

Ephebophile is a term referring to a specific erotic age orientation.

So while Paedophiles have a primary (or exclusive) sexual preference for prepubescent children...

...Ephebophiles have a primary (or exclusive) sexual preference for those who have arrived at puberty, ie. mid-to-late teens .  This is the 'barely legal' category.

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