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H is for Homologue

Homologue is not strictly a sex word, but it is a useful word to understand in the context of the study of human sexual anatomy.

If two things are homologous, they are corresponding or alike.  So in sexual anatomy a homologue is a structure that equivalent to a similar structure in the other gender.

Eg. The clitoris is the female homologue for the penis,

OR the clitoris is the female equivalent of the penis.

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H is for Hebephile

Hebephiles have a primary (or exclusive) sexual preference for children at the brink of puberty.

They differ from Paedophiles whos sexual preference is for PRE-pubescent children.

Hebephilia is though to be more common than paedophilia.  However all sexual preference for those under the legal age of consent is commonly grouped as paedophilia.  For research and treatment purposes it might be helpful for us to draw distinctions between the erotic age orientations, as it's likely that each have differing underlying causes and mechanisms.

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