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M is for Meissners Corpuscles

Meissners Corpuscles (aka tactile corpuscles) are a type of mechanoreceptor (sensory nerve endings) that are sensitive to light touch and adapt rapidly to changes in texture.

They are mostly concentrated in areas of hairless skin, such as the fingertips, lips, and GENITALS.

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M is for Munch

A Munch is a social gathering for people who are involved in, or interested in BDSM.

Munches are casual events, and usually take place in public places like Nando's or Starbucks.  This works out fine, because munches aren't for BDSM practice and play.  They are a safe place for people to meet others with similar interests, and become more informed about, and comfortable with BDSM.

Maybe if Christian Grey had just gone to a munch, instead of choosing a random 21 year old virgin, everything would have worked out fine.

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M is for MILF

Photo  ©  Glenn Francis 

This one doesn’t need much explaining. M.I.L.F is a popular acronym for ‘Mother I’d Like to Fuck’.

A MILF is essentially a sexually attractive mature lady.  Whilst technically she should be a Mother, I don’t believe it is a necessity.  

When it comes to the porn industry MILFs certainly don’t need to have children, they just need to be too old for the youth related categories.  I’m pretty sure this is 25 years old in porn years.

I once got called a MILF by bunch of schoolboys when I was 19.  I was both under 25 and childless.  But I was just so delighted that they would like to fuck me I didn't dwell on the details.

Pictured is Lisa Ann one of the worlds most beloved MILFs.

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M is for Merkin

A Merkin, as many may already know, is a pubic wig.

Back in the day (as far back as the 1400s), to avoid pubic lice, prostitutes would shave their vag then wear a merkin.  Pubes only went out of fashion relatively recently, so the merkin kept them looking stylish for their clients.

Merkins are often used in film and TV, either for 'comedic' effect (because pubes are hilarious?), historical accuracy (when an actor doesn't have enough pubes for a role), or 'modesty' (apparently a the use of a merkin meets the MPAA guidelines in avoiding a NC-17 rating).

Now that pubes seem to be coming back in to style maybe merkins will become more popular again.  As those who got permanent laser hair removal are gonna need to wear a merkin if they want a pussy that's In Vogue.

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