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P is for Pre-cum

Pre-cum or pre-ejaculate/pre-seminal fluid is the clear liquid that dribbles out the top of the dick during sexual arousal. 

Pre-ejaculate is primarily produced by the Cowper's glands and we reckon it's purpose is to: 

a.) neutralise acidity in the urethra (caused by pee)

b.) provide some extra lubrication for sexual activity and 

c.) help out with semen coagulation

The amount of pre-cum produced varies dramatically from dick to dick with some not producing any at all.

Pre-cum is chemically similar to semen but has significant differences.  The major difference being the presence of SPERM.  However, low levels of sperm can be found in pre-cum and can potentially impregnate a woman if they are really determined and lucky.


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P is for Pudendum

Pudendum was the word used by medieval anatomists to refer to external genitalia, specifically female external genitalia, AKA the VULVA.


Pudendum is from the Latin 'pudenda' meaning 'to make ashamed' or 'the shameful part of something'.  

The reasoning for why the anatomists associated the vulva with shame is:   Women's genitalia is tucked away between the legs, whereas men's genitalia faces forward and outward.   So this must be because women's genitalia is supposed to be hidden.  And why would men's be on show but women's hidden?  Because women's genitalia are shameful, duh.

Obviously there are in fact clear biological reasons why male and female genitals are arranged in the way in which they are, and it has nothing to do with shame you stupid medieval anatomists.

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P is for POV

Not to be confused with PIV , POV is the abbreviation of Point Of View.

I'm sure most of you guys already know what this refers to, because you probably search it on Pornhub everyday BUT for those that don't:

POV refers to a style of pornography, in which the camera takes the perspective of (typically) the male in the scene.  POV is usually achieved by the male porn actor using a handheld camera at around eye level and aiming it down at the action.  

POV technique is used to provide the viewer with the illusion that they are ACTUALLY the man in the scene.  It's an incredibly popular porn genre.  But you already know that don't you, because it's one of your favourites, isn't it?

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P is for Pubococcygeus Muscle

The pubococcygeus muscle (aka. PC muscle) goes from the pubic bone to the tail bone.

The muscle controls urine flow, and helps in childbirth

and most importantly contracts during orgasm.


See Kegel exercises

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O is for Ombrophilia/ P is for Pluviophilia

Another double dose of weather related paraphilias for you today.

Ombrophilia is sexual arousal from rain.

Pluviophilia is sexual arousal from being rained upon.

Image by  Brocken Inaglory

This "Is it normal to have a rain fetish?" submission on Is It Normal is an example of Ombrophilia rather than Pluviophilia, as the writer specifically makes the distinction of being aroused by the fact that it's raining, and not being aroused by being rained upon:

"I wouldn't really know if this is considered a fetish or not, but rain really turns me on. The cloudy weather or late night rain makes me really horny. I can be in my room all alone and bored and just the fact that it's raining really excites me. It's not to go outside and have sex while rain is pouring on you, it's to have sex while it rains. This thought is really sexy to me, and I really want to try it. I've been told this is a fetish, but I don't see it that way. Do you think it's a 'rain fetish'? Does anybody else feel this way?"

Follow this link to discover if you're a ombrophile or pluviophile.

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P is for Play Party

A Play Party is a special event for people to get down with some BDSM.

'Playing' refers to taking part in BDSM activities, of which the amount and kind of sexual contact allowed varies from party to party, often depending on local laws.

Play Parties are considered safe places to explore BDSM and there are usually monitors keeping an eye on things enforcing rules.

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P is for Pegging

Pegging is the name given to the 'role-reversal' sex act of a woman using a strap-on dildo to penetrate a dude anally. 

The term originated from Dan Savage's advice column.  Dan has said that he reckons every man should give it a try, because a) they might like it, and b) they can learn what it's like to be the one who gets fucked for once.

If you want to learn more about pegging you should pick up a copy of Bend Over Boyfriend, an educational video led by Dr. Carol Queen.  And if that's not enough, you can also pick up Bend Over Boyfriend 2: More Rockin', Less Talkin'.


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P is for Penile Plethysmograph

A Penile Plethysmograph is used to measure bloodflow to the penis.  Bloodflow to the penis of course indicates sexual arousal.

The two main types of penile plethysmograph:

  1. Volumetric Air Chamber (measures displaced air in the chamber to see how much more space the penis is taking up)
  2. Circumferential Transducer (a ring or strain gauge is placed around the shaft and measures changes in the circumference of the penis)

Plethysmographs have been used widely in research.  Usually participants will be strapped up to a machine and shown various images or video, then the plethysmograph can measure the degree of arousal that each image provokes. 

One of my favourite ever studies using this method found that homophobic men show greater arousal to depictions of gay sex than less/non-homophobic men.

P is for Packer

A packer is a prosthetic flaccid penis.

Probably derived from the term ‘Packing Heat’ (possessing a weapon/possessing a penis), a packer is an artificial dick that is not used for penetration (eg. like a strap-on) but rather to be worn in all contexts (not exclusively sexual) under clothes to give the appearance of the wearer to be… packing heat.

Packing is often practiced by trans men (Female-to-Male Transgender). 

Packers come in a range of different materials and some are even firm enough to be used for penetration. 

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