E is for Edging

Edging (aka surfing or peaking) is the sexual technique of orgasm control.

The goal is to maintain a really high level of arousal for a long period of time without orgasming.  So you get going up to the point of almost an orgasm and then reduce the amount of stimulation just enough that the orgasm ultimately isn't triggered.

You can potentially keep repeating the pattern of getting close and then pulling back for as long as you desire, but I imagine it gets old quick.

Edging prolongs the experience of sexual pleasure, particularly the unique sensations that occur during the final build up to orgasm.  

And when the decision is made to finally allow an orgasm to happen, the physical sensations of orgasm may be more powerful/pleasurable due to the extended build up of tension and arousal.  However I'm yet to understand if there is a physiological reason or if increased pleasure is a result of the psychological effects of withholding orgasm.

Orgasm control can be practiced alone or with a partner(s) :)