F is for FINDOM


FinDom (sometimes Fi-Dom) is the shorthand for FINANCIAL DOMINATION (or for financial dominant/dominatrix).

Financial domination (also sometimes referred to as ‘money slavery’) is a power exchange fetish in which a submissive will give money and gifts to a financial dominant. Arrangements could be considered a type of sex work. It may involve a dominant taking full control of a submissives entire finances. The dominant might know everything about their submissives funds and control how it’s being budgeted and spent on a daily basis like a sexy, mean accountant.

The submissive (cashpig/paypig or money slave) derives sexual arousal from being dominated financially, and the dominant (money/cash mistress/master or findom(me)) may be aroused by being worshipped financially.

Financial domination lies under the BDSM umbrella and may be accompanied by other aspects of BDSM such as erotic humiliation or worshipping. FinDom can involve sexual activity or be a feature of an intimate relationship, but doesn’t necessarily need to involve any sexual contact at all and interactions often take place exclusively via online communication.

Unlike a sugar baby sugar daddy/mama relationship, in a financial domination arrangement there is no expectation of intimacy or sexual contact in exchange for the money. That the submissive is not receiving compensation is in fact a major aspect of the fetish.

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