G is for Genetic Sexual Attraction

Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA) refers to sexual attraction that occurs between close relatives when they first meet as adults.

Sexual attraction doesn’t often occur between relatives who are raised together. This is believed to be due to close contact in early childhood desensitising people to later sexual attraction.

But GSA is fairly common in cases where family members are separated at birth and reunited as adults. You often hear about GSA in cases of siblings raised apart who meet as adults and find themselves strongly sexually attracted to one another.

Shockingly it’s reported that GSA occurs in about 50% of adult reunions between siblings, or parents and offspring.

Despite this kinda crazy statistic and its obvious prevalence, research into GSA is super limited. But it raises some really interesting questions about the nature of sexual attraction and the origins of incest, so I'd really like to know what the underlying mechanisms are. And given recent advances in fertility options, it’s likely that the number of GSA cases will be increasing, so I’m hoping some research will be underway soon.

Posted on August 1, 2016 and filed under G.