H is for Herbivore Men

‘Herbivore men’ is a popular term used in Japan to describe men who show no interest in pursuing sex and romantic relationships.

Surveys have shown that around 60% of single Japanese dudes in their twenties and 70% of those in their thirties identify as 'herbivores'. It's mindblowing for me to imagine that many young men being disinterested in getting sex.

I didn’t know much about the current sex and love situation in Japan until reading a chapter about it in the book Modern Romance (by Aziz Ansari and Eric Klinenberg) which led me to do some investigating of my own. It turns out to be not so good, with super low marriage and birth rates. The latest census figures apparently show the population of Japan has fallen by one million in five years. The rise of the herbivore men is considered by the Japanese government to be a possible cause of these declines.

Anyway, the whole thing really upsets me because I think Japanese people are the sexiest and Japanese babies are the cutest.

Oh, and by the way, herbivore men are also sometimes referred to as ‘grass-eater men’ but I don't think this term works so well because it immediately makes me picture men who eat vegan pussy*. 

An actual herbivore | Image via  Flickr

An actual herbivore | Image via Flickr

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*all pussy is vegan unless you LITERALLY eat it

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