S is for Sex Flush

Vasocongestion (increased blood flow) of the skin can occur at any stage of sexual response and is commonly referred to as:

sex flush

The sex flush doesn't occur in everyone, but does happen for a lot of people and is more commonly occurring in females.  During sexual response increased blood flow to the skin can display as pink or red patches of skin coloration, almost like a rash.  Typically sex flush goes away right after orgasm, but can linger for a couple of hours.

women's sex flush

  • pinkish spots develop under and over the breasts and can spread to the torso, face, hands, and feet
  • the clitoris darkens
  • the vaginal walls darken

men's sex flush

  • pinkish spots typically develop first on the upper abdomen and then spread to the chest, face, forehead, back, shoulders and forearms
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