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P is for Pre-cum

Pre-cum or pre-ejaculate/pre-seminal fluid is the clear liquid that dribbles out the top of the dick during sexual arousal. 

Pre-ejaculate is primarily produced by the Cowper's glands and we reckon it's purpose is to: 

a.) neutralise acidity in the urethra (caused by pee)

b.) provide some extra lubrication for sexual activity and 

c.) help out with semen coagulation

The amount of pre-cum produced varies dramatically from dick to dick with some not producing any at all.

Pre-cum is chemically similar to semen but has significant differences.  The major difference being the presence of SPERM.  However, low levels of sperm can be found in pre-cum and can potentially impregnate a woman if they are really determined and lucky.


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F is for Flowback

Vaginal Flowback is the stuff that plops out the vagina between 5-120 minutes after it has been ejaculated in.

The female body essentially rejects some of the seminal fluid, because it's pointless if it's not viable to make a baby with.

Picture this, it's an hour after you've fucked, and you're standing in line for a coffee before work, you suddenly feel a little leakage from your intimate area.  Now you can turn to the barista and say 'JUST GOT MY VAGINAL FLOWBACK!', with a little wink.  You're welcome.


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