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A is for Actirasty

Who's enjoying the sunny weather? Who's enjoying the sunny weather a little too much...?

Actirasty is the word for sexual arousal from the sun's rays.

Actirasty could refer to simply fantasising about the sun and engaging in sex acts in the sun.  Or it could be apparent in behaviours of seeking sun exposure, nude sunbathing, sex on the beach... and so on. For this reason actirasty is associated with exhibitionism, as in a quest to derive sexual pleasure from the sun, individuals will often find themselves in public.  However, the underlying motive is not that of exhibitionistic desire, it's simply that the outdoors is the best way to get exposure to the sun.

Anyone who enjoys actirasty should remember to stay hydrated, use sunblock, and consider living somewhere with a private roof terrace.

Posted on April 8, 2015 and filed under A.