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C is for Cuckold

In evolutionary biology a cuckold is a male who is unknowingly raising offspring that are not genetically related to him, i.e.  their wife fucked another guy behind their back and got pregnant and then pretended it was theirs all along.

In human sexuality a cuckold is a male who is complicit in their partners sexual 'infidelity' or perceived infidelity,  i.e. cuckoldry is a fetish whereby a man enjoys watching his partner fuck other dudes.

The partner of a cuckold is generally referred to as a 'hot wife'.

The female version of a cuckold is a cuckquean. 

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C is for Cuckquean

A cuckquean is the female equivalent of a cuckold.  

A cuckquean is a woman who derives sexual pleasure from the knowledge of and observation of her partners "infidelity".  The cuckquean is fully aware of her partners sexual behaviour, and often encouraging of it, or feigning reluctance.

Cuckoldry is distinct from open relationships/swinging/wife swapping because of the element of (desired) sexual humiliation and the make-believe that there is a deception or betrayal occurring.  

Posted on August 14, 2015 .

A is for Actirasty

Who's enjoying the sunny weather? Who's enjoying the sunny weather a little too much...?

Actirasty is the word for sexual arousal from the sun's rays.

Actirasty could refer to simply fantasising about the sun and engaging in sex acts in the sun.  Or it could be apparent in behaviours of seeking sun exposure, nude sunbathing, sex on the beach... and so on. For this reason actirasty is associated with exhibitionism, as in a quest to derive sexual pleasure from the sun, individuals will often find themselves in public.  However, the underlying motive is not that of exhibitionistic desire, it's simply that the outdoors is the best way to get exposure to the sun.

Anyone who enjoys actirasty should remember to stay hydrated, use sunblock, and consider living somewhere with a private roof terrace.

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O is for Ombrophilia/ P is for Pluviophilia

Another double dose of weather related paraphilias for you today.

Ombrophilia is sexual arousal from rain.

Pluviophilia is sexual arousal from being rained upon.

Image by  Brocken Inaglory

This "Is it normal to have a rain fetish?" submission on Is It Normal is an example of Ombrophilia rather than Pluviophilia, as the writer specifically makes the distinction of being aroused by the fact that it's raining, and not being aroused by being rained upon:

"I wouldn't really know if this is considered a fetish or not, but rain really turns me on. The cloudy weather or late night rain makes me really horny. I can be in my room all alone and bored and just the fact that it's raining really excites me. It's not to go outside and have sex while rain is pouring on you, it's to have sex while it rains. This thought is really sexy to me, and I really want to try it. I've been told this is a fetish, but I don't see it that way. Do you think it's a 'rain fetish'? Does anybody else feel this way?"

Follow this link to discover if you're a ombrophile or pluviophile.

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K is for Keraunophilia / B is for Brontophilia

Photo by  Ian Boggs

Photo by Ian Boggs

Next in the series of weather related paraphilias:


Sexual arousal from thunder and lightning.

Please note keranuophilia is distinct from


Sexual arousal from thunderstorms.

I don't know how, but it is.  A perfect example of the importance of specificity in paraphilia taxonomy.


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N is for Nebulophilia

Nebulophilia is the name given to the paraphilia characterised by sexual arousal to fog.

Weather conditions have been found to affect mood state and sexual behaviour.  In the book Forensic and Medico-legal Aspects of Sexual Crimes and Unusual Sexual Practices, Dr. Aggrawal states:

“like allergies, sexual arousal may occur from anything under the sun, including the sun”

So there are actually a number of weather related paraphilias and fetishes. Get ready to learn about them ALL this week.  

Is this doing it for you?  Photo by  M Kluber

Is this doing it for you?  Photo by M Kluber

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