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L is for Lesbian Bed Death

Lesbian bed death” is the term used to describe the steep decline in sexual activity that is thought to occur in long-term lesbian relationships.

For the record, research has found that on average, lesbians do tend to have less frequent sex in long-term relationships than other couples (opposite sex and male same-sex relationships).   However, a decline in frequency of sex occurs in pretty much all types of long-term relationships.

Additionally, it is also found that on average, women in same-sex relationships have LONGER durations of sexual activity (avg. 30-45 mins), compared to other types of couples (avg. 15-30 mins).  And levels of sexual satisfaction in lesbian relationships are just as high on average as in opposite sex, and male same-sex relationships.

So they may fuck less, but when they do get down to it, they really put in the time and effort.

Posted on April 7, 2015 and filed under L.

F is for Flowback

Vaginal Flowback is the stuff that plops out the vagina between 5-120 minutes after it has been ejaculated in.

The female body essentially rejects some of the seminal fluid, because it's pointless if it's not viable to make a baby with.

Picture this, it's an hour after you've fucked, and you're standing in line for a coffee before work, you suddenly feel a little leakage from your intimate area.  Now you can turn to the barista and say 'JUST GOT MY VAGINAL FLOWBACK!', with a little wink.  You're welcome.


Posted on February 13, 2015 and filed under F.