Does Sex Make You Happy?



Is it really true that penetrative and oral sex can release happy hormones? If so how, which ones and how long does it last?  This has always fascinated me but I dont know if its a myth. Give me some science

Thanks,  P



Hello P,  

There are a few different ways in which sex can make you happy.  

Take a look at this article exploring the chemical composition of semen.  

There are a number of compounds present in cum that have mood enhancing benefits, and research has found that they can be absorbed through the vaginal wall, and it's possible that the same is true through swallowing...

But even if you're not ingesting ejaculate, sex can still give you a good dose of happy.

Chemicals are released during and after arousal and orgasm, including serotonin which is sometimes referred to as the 'happy hormone', and oxytocin, or the 'bonding hormone'.

The limbic region of the brain is activated during sex.  The limbic system has a lot of opioid receptors that the chemicals bind to and result in the 'endorphin rush'; feelings of pleasure and satisfaction.

While 'endorphin rushes' don't last particularly long, most people fall asleep pretty soon after sex anyway.

Also longer-term, measures of depressive symptoms have found lower levels in women who regularly get in close contact with semen, than those who don't.



Posted on April 15, 2016 .