I can't cum from head


I’m a 26-year-old male and I have never cum from a blowjob.  I enjoy them, they feel great, but they don’t get me all the way.  For me they are more like a starter before the main course of sex. 

It’s been a problem for me because women have often thought that I’m lying about it in order to make them feel better about not making me cum.  It’s put me off getting head because almost every time the girl seems disappointed or even annoyed that I’m not gonna cum. 

I’ve just got in to a new relationship with a great girl, who enjoys giving blowjobs.  However, she’s sort of taken it as a challenge to be the first to get me to cum from head, and I’m pretty sure it’s never going to happen.  I don’t really care if it happens, I’m perfectly fine with cumming from sex, although it could be nice to cum in a mouth once in a while.  What do you think?  Is this normal?  Is it possible to for me to somehow train myself to cum from head? If not, how can I get women to believe it’s the truth?


So what you need to know is that ‘I can’t come from head’ is a really common sentence. 

Blowjobs are widely thought of as every mans favourite sexual treat (after threesomes and anal sex of course).  But as we know, people are different from one another, and actually, some men don’t like blowjobs AT ALL, and some men (such as yourself) really enjoy them but don't easily ejaculate from them.

An issue that arises when we have been taught that a dick in a mouth is a sure-fire way to achieve orgasm, is that when a penis defies this rule, it feels like a personal insult or failure to both the owner of the penis, and the one sucking it.

The other issue is that maybe because of the power of the above assumption, the statement 'I can’t come from head’ has indeed been employed as a tactic to motivate women to prove it wrong. It has also been used as a way to get vaginal intercourse from a girl who only wanted to suck dick.

SO it’s not surprising that girls don’t always believe you, and it’s not surprising that your new girlfriend is taking it as a challenge to prove you wrong. Because it is a line that has been used again and again as a lie.

But it's also really not uncommon as a truth, I hear it ALL the time. So yes, it's very normal.  And it must be super fucking annoying to be challenged or called a liar each time you attempt to inform a new partner. 

Maybe you could train yourself to ejaculate from oral.  Maybe.  But it will take a fair amount of time, patience, and rewiring, and may not work. 

Here’s what I would actually suggest, assuming that you can make yourself nut from masturbation.  Have your new girl give you head until you get to the point at which you would usually switch to the 'main course'.  Instead of penetrating her, take your dick in your hand and do the work that you’re accustomed to.

Meanwhile, new girl can continue using her mouth on your dick head and/or balls.  And when it’s time to cum, give her a heads up and she can get in position and you can fire a load straight in to her mouth.  Boom.  You got to cum in a mouth, and girlfriend (kinda) won the challenge.