Is it weird that I want to be dominated by a woman (in heels)?


I sometimes have the desire to be dominated by a women. I also have a fetish in particular for women in high heels.  But I'm concerned because i think that no woman would ever really want to play the dominant part during sex.

I am also interested in how common this turn on is and have you spoken to many people with it?


Your domination fetish is extremely common.  So common in fact that there are dominatrix dungeons in almost every major city.

A fetish for high heels is one of THE MOST common of all fetishes, so again totally normal and not even really a fetish.  Also women generally feel quite sexy in high heels, so asking a women to keep her heels on should not be a problem.

You're correct in that a lot of women prefer to be in the submissive role in the bedroom, but it's definitely not all women.  There are plenty of women out there who would love to be dominant.  And there's a bunch who would at least be up for giving it a go.

You could seek out women who are specifically in to being doms, and maybe have some experience in it, by joining a kinky social media/ dating website like FetLife.

Otherwise, when you're with a partner you can start slowly exploring your kink.  Start really light, by asking her maybe to just blindfold you or tie your hands.  For most women, this isn't a big ask and they will be happy to give it a go and switch up the power dynamics a little.  And then you can slowly increase the intensity, checking along the way that you're both in to it at each stage.

It will be fun, and through trial and error you will find women who will be thrilled to wear some sexy heels and fulfil your desire for domination.

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Posted on June 1, 2015 .