I'm a fat old single mum. Why does this young man want to fuck me?


I have some student neighbours that are here for the local medical college and they have been around for a couple years now. One of them (27 yo) gave me his phone number in case anything happened with their house during vacation time.
Then, during his vacation time he texted me saying he wants to fuck me, and in a very nasty way (he said he wanted to fuck my ass). He didn’t say anything about my looks or any reason why he wants it. Never mentioned kissing or attraction, just that he wants to fuck me hard and then leave. It’s so unusual because he is 27 and a future doctor and I am a chubby 55-year-old single mom.
After vacation he came back to my town and we kept the same neighbourly relationship that we had before. Nothing sexual ever happened because we are not alone in our houses and it also seems that he is afraid his mates would find out. On the other hand when we chat sometimes he does bring up that he still wants to fuck me. But when I ask why he wants me he says nothing except “I want what I want”.

I want to know why because I do want him too. I want to know what to do, because he drives me crazily horny for him but I am scared of him too. I’m a fat old woman and he’s a young student guy. Help me to understand his reasons. There are thousands of women here who would be happy to fuck him and he wants me. Why??? And why does he speak about it so bluntly and nasty?


Oh man. Reading your question makes me so sad. It’s been a few months since you sent it, and I really hope you haven’t already fucked this guy.

I’m worried about how confused you are that someone wants to fuck you. It is not uncommon for young men to be sexually interested in older women. In fact, it’s super common, and particularly evident in the popularity of the ‘MILF’ genre of porn. It’s also not uncommon for men to be attracted to chubby or fat women. It is a PREFERRED body type for many people. You are attractive. Not only to this one neighbour, but likely many other people.

I would love for you to recognise that being a 55 year old chubby single mother does not make you unfuckable, and I really don’t want you to fuck this guy just because you’re astounded and grateful that he’s attracted to you. I know I’ve never seen you, but I still know that he’s not the only person who would be attracted to you. I know for a fact that chubby and mid fifties is some men’s exact type. Even men in their 20s. Even men who might be doctors one day.

I’m concerned about the ways in which this young man may take advantage of your obvious insecurity. I’m not happy about the ways in which he’s already made you feel uncomfortable and uneasy and that you think he is embarrassed of his attraction to you and afraid of his friends finding out.

I don’t like that he sent you a sexually aggressive text out of the blue but refuses to engage with you about his attraction. It’s fine that he’s being direct about his sexual interest in you, but it’s not fine that he’s communicating his desire in a way that is confusing and demeaning to you. If you feel scared of him, tuck your horny away and trust your gut. Don’t fuck this guy.

I think you should get your chubby 55 year old ass on some dating apps. You’ll soon find out that there are other men who would love to fuck you. Men who are willing and able to make you feel good about yourself. Who will communicate why they find you attractive and not be at all ashamed of their attraction to you. Fuck one of those guys instead.

Perhaps also take some time to find some examples of other bigger beautiful middle aged women so you can start to realise how attractive your size/shape/age can be. Just because we’re mostly exposed to attractive women with very lean or extreme hourglass bodies, doesn’t mean there aren’t other sexy shapes out there. Start noticing celebrities like Ty Alexander, Victoria Ruffo, Brooke Elliot, Jill Scott and Melissa McCarthy. All not skinny, all not 20, all fuckable.

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