My girlfriend watches lesbian porn. Is she gay?

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My girlfriend watches lesbian porn. Is she gay?


Hi Pro Boner.  Bit of a weird one here… my girlfriend recently admitted to me that when she masturbates she sometimes watches lesbian porn.  I don’t really mind, like on one level it’s a turn on and I’m kind of happier that she’s not in to watching other guys. But I can’t help be concerned that it means she is a lesbian or at least bisexual.  I have asked her a few times but she says she’s not interested in women at all - she just enjoys lesbian porn.  Is this a thing? Or is my girlfriend lying to me or in denial?  Thanks in advance.


It’s not a bit of a weird one at all buddy.  Many straight identified women enjoy lesbian porn.

A PornHub survey last year found ‘lesbian’ to be the most popular category for women visiting their site.  In fact, the results showed on average women to be 283% more likely than men to search for lesbian porn.

And it’s very unlikely that all these women watching lesbian porn are lesbians.  Many lesbians don’t like typical porn of the lesbian genre, because it’s not a very accurate portrayal of the type of sex that they have.   Lesbian porn made for, and by lesbians often looks very different.

We’re not really sure why straight women seem to like lesbian porn so much, but there are a lot of interesting theories.   One likely reason is that straight porn is often very dick-centric, whereas lesbian porn (being dick-free) has to focus more on female pleasure.  

So yeah, just listen to your girlfriend who already told you she’s heterosexual, and thank her for being honest with you about this part of her sexuality.


Posted on November 22, 2015 .