How do I tell my boyfriend about his sex face


My boyfriend pulls unattractive faces during sex. Normally, he's gorgeous - strong looking and cool. But once we get going, he gets all sweet and soppy and makes this funny grin and I find it a real turn off. I've tried keeping my eyes shut during sex, but he's started noticing. Nearly everything else about him is great. I can't see it getting better though, and I don't know what to do. Any ideas?


In situations like this, you want to use the ‘tackle the negative with the positive’ approach.

You don’t want to make him feel insecure about something as potentially sensitive as his sex face.  Most people have no idea what they look like when they’re fucking.  And a lot of people would feel deeply self conscious if they found out that it’s not pretty.

So rather than saying you hate his unattractive sex faces, let him know how much you love his normal strong and cool faces.  When he’s got a serious expression, or cheeky smirk, or whatever it is that works for you, take the opportunity to tell him that the face he is giving you right now is making you want to climb on it.

If you can, have a discussion of both of your various turn ons and offs, and casually let him know that smiling during sex is a turn off for you – don't mention his smile in particular, but smiles in general.  And again take this opportunity to tell him that his [insert appealing expression] face is extremely sexy to you.

Maybe this will stick in his mind and he’ll start being more aware of what his face is doing during sex, and keep his grinning in check.  I suspect that right now, he thinks the sweet and soppy face is appealing and romantic to you.  And as soon as he finds out otherwise, he’ll drop it.

Now, if he doesn’t get the message after this, you'll have to be a bit more direct and say something like; “when you smile like that, it throws me off”, or “ that smile reminds me of a cute puppy – and I don’t wanna be thinking of puppies right now”.

And if it turns out he just can’t stop, and these unattractive expressions are simply an uncontrollable part of his arousal (which I really hope isn’t true – because the idea of a guy masturbating with a romantic grin on his face is making me cry) you will just have to fuck eyes closed, or doggy for the rest of your life/duration of this relationship.

All the best.