My boyfriend suggested we make our own porn for money


My boyfriend of 4 years has suggested that we make our own porn for money and I'm not really sure how to feel about it? He says we wouldn't show our faces but I'm just a bit unsure and worried? Would you be able to give me some knowledge & advice?


I’m curious as to how your boyfriend plans on making money through this faceless porn.

My answer really depends on whether this is a legitimate money making scheme, or if it’s actually a ‘I wanna film us fucking’ scheme dressed up as a money making scheme.

If I were to place a bet it would be on the latter.  I reckon your boyfriend maybe has a little exhibitionistic side and wants to film you guys doin’ it then show it to the world.   If you’re not sure how to feel about it, just feel happy about it.  It means that 4 years in to your relationship you’re having sex that he is proud to publicly display.  It also means that he thinks you’re both so hot that you might be able to profit from it.

If I'm wrong and he has suggested this because he sincerely thinks it’s a good way to make money, he might want to do a little research first.  The Internet is already full of porn, and amateur couple videos are constantly being submitted to free sites.  So I’m genuinely just not sure how he plans on monetising this.  Maybe he actually has a business model in mind, you should ask*.

What I could suggest is something like camming.  You guys could look in to webcamming together, which could be fun, and I believe there is the potential to make moneyAlthough I don’t know how successful you’ll be with your faces covered.

It is however commendable that he has suggested your faces won’t be shown.  Whatever you end up doing I urge you to stick to this rule, unless you are living a life that cannot be damaged by someone identifying you naked and having sex on the internet.  

Pretty much everybody has sex, but for some reason if the wrong person finds you doing it in a video online it can have disastrous consequences. 

Don’t do anything you are not entirely comfortable with, because uploading porn is an irreversible act.  If I’m right and this isn’t about earning money, then you and your boyfriend should brainstorm some other exciting ways to indulge this exhibitionistic impulse that have less risky and permanent consequences. 

*If he has a good plan to get rich get back in touch and let me know if I can get in on it