Squirting Etiquette: Do I need to warn people that I'm a squirter?


Hi! I recently got out of a 9 year relationship.. during which I learned I can squirt!! (Yay!) BUT, now that I am thinking of getting out and seeing people and possibly hooking up I get a little nervous.. Do I forewarn them they may get drenched or just surprise him and let it rain??!


Forewarn! Squirting is a fabulous thing that I believe most people are in to. But not everyone is in to surprises, even pleasant ones.

I don't have some official squirting statistics because they don't exist, but I do know that a.) most women do not squirt every time they orgasm and b.) not everyone has encountered a squirter. So it will be a big surprise to most. And when it comes to initial encounters with new sex partners, I think it's best to keep surprises to a minimum for everyones safety.

Additionally squirting makes more of a mess than is usually expected from a typical hook up. And a messy surprise (particularly if it's in someone else's bed) is quite inconsiderate. Even a person who is VERY in to squirting might prefer to prepare for the mess with a towel or plastic sheet.

Also think about it the same way as you would male ejaculation. If a dude cums on your face in your first sexual encounter without any warning it would be considered VERY RUDE. We do not need double standards for male and female ejaculation. A heads up is always appreciated.

Good luck and have fun in this new single phase after such a long relationship. I'm sure that any new sex partners that you have are going to be very excited after you give them the heads up.