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Am I crazy or is my vagina lying?

Hi Pro Boner I have a really weird question.  I’m in a quite new relationship, and I’ve started to notice that my boyfriend does this thing where we’ll be kissing and stuff and after a while he’ll put his hand in my pants and work out how wet I am. 

If I’m really wet he’ll get excited that I’m turned on and then we’ll end up having sex.  But then sometimes he’ll touch and I’m not as wet, or we will be trying to have sex, and I’m not that wet.  Then I think he gets turned off and kind of offended. 

HELP! It takes me ages to get in the mood.

"I've been with my boyfriend for 3 years and things are going great, we're happy and I'd say we have a pretty good sex life. Although I have this weird thing at the moment where it takes me ages to get in the mood for sex and I don't often initiate anything. But I'll want to do it at the most inappropriate times when he doesn't want to or we can't do anything. When he gets me going though its great but i feel quite bad/worried and I think it upsets him too. Any ideas what this means and what I can do?"


"I have recently come out of a relationship and am absolutely loving being single. I love doing me. But the problem is a girls got needs! 
I am really interested in getting into a no strings fuck buddy kind of thang but they never seem to work out that way, They always seem to want more?? 

So I have two questions...

1. How do I find a potential suitor for a no strings gig (not just a one night stand)
2. How do you keep a no strings ,, no strings? Should there be rules?"