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Rougher Sex

"Hey. I’ve been in a great relationship for a couple of years now.  Everything is really good with my boyfriend and it’s just all round a really strong and happy relationship.  My one thing is just that he is very gentle and maybe a bit restrained in sex.  I’ve always liked quite rough sex, like not full on 50 shades but maybe a dominant slightly aggressive partner a little hair pulling and smacking around.  My current bf doesn’t even like to slap my arse too hard incase he hurts me...  The sex is physically fulfilling in the sense that he feels good, he spends a long time on foreplay and I do orgasm.  But I just feel frustrated like can he just forget he loves me for a few mins and just be a little rougher and not so sweet and gentle.  What can I do to get him to do this?  Or can I not? "

Posted on October 5, 2015 .