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How to suck dick : Learning on the job


Hi, ive been seeing my boyfriend for a few months now and he usually goes down on me more than I do on him. Im not sure I'm doing it right though. Tips, please?


I was just on Facebook Messenger chatting with my mum when your message came in, so I told her: 'Just received a question about sucking dick', and she replied: 'Oh I have a book in my car all about that'.

So, considering my mother seems to be well read on the topic, I thought I'd ask her for her top tip.  After observing her typing and then deleting her message repeatedly, I decided maybe it was best to just sign out of Facebook and give my poor mum a break.

You could take a disturbing leaf out of my mum's book and do some reading on the topic.  There are some great pieces of writing out there that really go deep into explaining techniques, tricks and tips. 

Some recommended reading in the art of the blowjob. 

But honestly, if you're pushed for time, there's really no need to read a whole book on it because it's seriously one of the easiest things in the world.  And considering that everyone is different and enjoys different things, it's best to simply learn on the job.  Here's 3 tips just to get you started:

  1. Do what comes naturally
  2. Read his cues
  3. Give a nice visual


I think going down on a dude feels like a pretty natural act.  Play around, see what feels nice on your tongue and lips and in your mouth.  Find a rhythm that's easy to keep.  Do breathing so you don't choke and die.  


The only way to really make sure you're doing a good job is to read and respond to your boyfriends cues.  If he's getting harder, you're doing good.  If he's moaning/groaning/muttering, you're doing good.  When you're getting positive feedback, KEEP DOING WHAT YOU'RE DOING.  If it's been a minute or two of complete silence, and you look up and he's doing this face :/ or this face :| or this face :S or this face :( it's time to try something else. 

If your boyfriend is not particularly verbal or is quite subtle in his physical cues during sex, remember you're always allowed to ask, 'Do you like that?', 'Or this?', 'Maybe this?', 'Is this weird?', 'Am I hurting you?', 'Are you awake?', 'Are those sad tears or happy tears?'.


If your technique is slipping or you're feeling lazy, whip out your tits, put your butt in the air, play with your clit, or give him a lil cheeky eye contact.  This style is almost guaranteed to make up for lack of substance.

But hey what do I know, I don't even have a penis.  If you're reading this and want to add your personal advice for this lady* then please leave a comment, or send a message here.

*gender assumed

Ps. Congrats on finding a guy who goes down on you more than you do him.  Maybe he just prefers to give than to receive, that's definitely a thing.  In which case, you're doing your bit just by laying back and enjoying.