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Persistent Bacterial Vag

I’ve been having recurrent bacterial vaginosis for basically the entire last year. Every time the symptoms appear I see my doctor and he gives me a prescription, the BV clears up but returns a few weeks later and the cycle starts again.

I started seeing someone about 6 months ago and it’s beginning to get more serious.  He’s really great and the sex has been mostly amazing, but the problem is that the BV sometimes gets in the way. In the past I have just said I’m on my period to avoid having sex when I have a flair up, but now that we’re seeing each other more frequently that excuse can’t work all the time. I’m finding myself telling him that I’m not in the mood or I’m tired a lot of the time and I feel like it’s ruining the start of this new relationship and I don’t know how to save it. I have in the past given in and had sex with BV, but it always makes my symptoms worse the next day.

So I’m wondering; how can I decline sex without making my boyfriend feel rejected? And do you have any advice for getting rid of persistent BV?