HELP: Dangerous amount of wanking?


If i'm in a relationship or sleeping with someone regularly I masturbate very little and feel little desire too, but during periods of being single I find it hard not to, possibly even compelled to do so.

Is masturbating on average twice a day, sometimes more, unhealthy/ can it impact on your emotional/ sexual relationships? 


Generally masturbation only becomes maladaptive if you experience it as so.  If your wanking habits are causing you distress, or interfering with the rest of your life then you may have a problem, but masturbating twice a day is unlikely to cause such destruction unless it takes you 2 hours each time (in which case you might not be doing it right...).

Feeling compelled to masturbate isn’t necessarily problematic.  It can be worrying for people because feeling like you have to complete a certain behaviour brings in to question psychological problems like compulsions and addictions.  But at the end of the day, feeling horny compels people to masturbate and there’s not much you can do about it.  If you’re compelled to masturbate not as a result of arousal but out of sadness or anger or any sort of negative impulse THEN you should get your ass to therapy.  

Wanking once or twice a day is completely normal, especially if you’re a younger guy.  The fact that when in a sexual relationship you masturbate very little, indicates that you haven’t got a problem with a compulsive behaviour at all, and are simply substituting sex for masturbation when you’re single.  But just for the record it’s also completely normal to masturbate even if you are regularly having sex.

Do keep an eye on your behaviour though.  If masturbating 2+ times a day means that you’re not getting enough work done, you’re turning up late to engagements, are becoming socially isolated etc., then you should probably consider disconnecting your internet and restricting how often you nut.

But I think you’ll find you’re simply in the same boat as a millions of others.  Feeling compelled to drop a load a couple of times a day in order to satisfy a basic physical need.  And it’s just fine.

In terms of its impact on relationships and sex, regular masturbation should be of no issue unless:

1.  Your masturbation routine is very repetitive and you become habituated to one way of cumming, making it difficult to perform/climax in partnered sex.

2. You're with a crazy bitch who thinks wanking and watching porn is equivalent to cheating.